Travel Photography

 I used to call this gallery "Places". Some time ago I changed it to Travel Photography. This gallery is miscellaneous of pictures that I took around the world. You will probably find famous places and monuments here. Some of these trips were holidays and some were work trips. What does a Travel Photographer do on holidays? Yep, he travels and photographs.

Travel Photography is more or less everything. The difference is in comparison to the others galleries. Like Sun, this gallery has pictures of the sun, Night: before or after the sunset. I believe I should have only 2 galleries: Travel Photography and People and Portrait Photography. I like a little organization. I add extra pictures to all galleries regularly. This is possibly the largest gallery in my portfolio.

I like everything that involves Travel Photography. Usually, my plan starts by deciding the place and the period of the year. The second one is very important. It helps to save money when traveling during low season and at the same time I get the chance to photograph top attractions with fewer tourists around. After that, I start to plan my trip day by day. I really write a script. The script has places, best times to photograph, people I want to see and the best spots. To be honest I don't know if all this planning makes any difference. I just don't know how to do things in any other way.