Sun Photography

The Sun is a close friend of mine. It’s always available for a great photo shooting session. Take pictures of the Sun is fascinating. Taking pictures of it in its infinite forms and shapes is very rewarding. Cloudy days are the ones the Sun shows its best face. Photographing the sun is not easy but it is rewarding. It involves some good skills, some luck and some knowledge of the spot. Knowing where and when you will take the photo makes a big difference. Of course you can take a good photo at the first time you have been to the place, but knowing your ay around helps a lot.

This category is all about the Sun. It doesn’t matter if it is the sunset or sunrise. I call it Sun photography. I like it. There are small but important differences between taking pictures at sunset or sunrise.

At sunset it is easier to organize your time, but probably you will have to organize a late dinner or start going to the spot very early. On another hand the sunrise it is a very good way to start the day. You will though lose a few hours of sleep. The sunset in the cities is usually clearer, with less pollution and dust.

The greatful part of Sun Photography is, that scene never will come back. It doesn’t matter how many times you go back to the same spot. That composition, the spot, the sun, clouds and the landscape are taken to eternity or lost. I don’t have control of any of those things. The photographer just has control over the spot and the time. [Nature Photography]( is amazing because of this. You don’t need anything else. Just the right spot and the right time.