I don't think this happens with everybody, but I have been invited to participate in projects almost 12 times per year. Yes, on average one project per month. For sure, many of these projects haven problems with idea or way to make money. 

I accepted the changeable a few times, and I would like to accept it. I think I have good eyes to understand the business and a good experience to be able to help people about the best solution and approach. 

I have been working with different kind of projects. Some of them failed or it just wasn't possible to continue. But some of them still running. 

Here is this list of projects I have been involved as a partner somehow.

If you have an idea, contact me. Let's talk about it and maybe I can help you with your project or maybe I can participate in it.


This is a new project, here I'm planning to talk about my personal carrier and life. 

Floor Plan Tracker

Floor Plan Tracker is an online management software developed around architectural plans.

The software eliminates the need to print, highlight and revise therefore saving companies time and money!

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Pound for Pound


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This is a new project, I'm working on it.

Alpha Dog Wear

Alphadogwear.com project, a sports goods website, specialized in combat sports.

Coelho Photos

This was the processor of Afetter.com/Photografy. It is from the time I used to have my own photography studio. That was a great moment in my life and I really enjoid it. 

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This is basically the company of one man only. This is where I can transform tones of caffeine in code. The place where I search for the best approach for each good solution. 

Match & Transfer

It was a solution to transfer money around the world. It was very smart and I still believing it can work. Bad partners can destroy dreams.

Photo Premiere CO

This was my first and real project. On this project the idea was very similar to 500px.com/afetter or similar but, the idea was to pay price money every and every time.