People and Portrait Photography

For some people taking People and Portrait Photography is very hard. I can understand why. When you take a picture of something else, like Places, Nature or anything else there are no other people judging it. On the other hand, if you take a picture of a person this person will judge not only the picture but also themselves.

It's difficult because you try to take a picture to get as many details as possible and hide the imperfections. The digital cameras and lens help capture all details. The good and for the bad ones. I believe a good picture should start with a good shot. Nowadays there is much talk about the use of Photoshop, especially on People and Portrait Photography.

Everything starts with a good shoot. I agree with the use of these tools to remove small imperfections like warts, pimples or streaks. I completely disagree with big changes like the removal of tattoos or in the worst case when in a magazine someone removed the belly button of a model.

People and Portrait Photography is not about capturing perfection, but capturing what's real with class, originality, and creativity. This is what makes a project challenging and fun to work on. I like a challenge. Inside the studio or not. Both are lots of fun.