Night Photography

Night Photography is the perfect time machine. With Night Photography we can play with the exposure time. This simple setting can change a lot of an image. With only one setting it is possible to change the same image from a really nice and static image to a smooth image. In the right conditions, the same spot could reserve a few different photos. Using the time of exposure it is possible to intensify some elements. Fast motions can disappear. I believe this involves much more creativity.

Also at night, it is nice to play with the colors, lights, and shadows. It is very technical as well. It's technical in a different way of People and Portrait Photography, but technical as well. I like when the session involves much more than just a camera.

To have nice Night Photograph at least you need to bring the tripod. During a holiday or when traveling, it means carrying an extra weight for a long time. Many photographers don't like carrying the tripod for the whole day just to use it at night. It is hard but I still love it.

Night Photography holds hands with Sun Photography. Most of the pictures in this gallery started with photos ar sunset. Just after a few of them, then I started with Night Photography and ended with Sun Photography.