Why you should go to Cambodia soon as possible

I don't know when my brother and I started talking about going back to Cambodia. We have this internal joke about the last time we have been to Cambodia in 1973. (my oldest brother was born in 1978). This is a recurrent joke between us. Jokes apart I never paid much attention to this country. I had just started to learn about the geography and the politics when I started to plan going there.

One of the first things I could confirm about Cambodia was the friendliness of the people. When I read about it I think Ok, this is something from the Cambodian government Marketing. They are really friendly I mean, very very friendly. They are happy to talk with you and try to explain something. I have been in others countries and many times I had really good experiences with very polite native people. In Cambodia, they are really polite, but it doesn't stop there.

 I just visited Siem Reap. The city of the temples. Incredible and beautiful temples. Some of them are in perfect conversation and this makes everything magic. A place over 1000 years old in perfect shape is incredible. Just some of the temples are in a poor situation. It looks like a city in ruins, with stones piled and, trees growing. Possibly you can't believe it, but this makes the place believable. I'm a suspect to talk about it. It doesn't matter if the temples are preserved or in ruins. They are a nice place to stay a few days.

Why should you go to Cambodia as soon as possible? Well, this is why. A majority of the Cambodia Temples are in the government's and other countries' hands. This is a nice initiative to restore and preserve the temples. Of course, this is a long-term job, but I enjoyed so much seeing the temples in ruins. I don't know If I want them restored. Also, the tourists are destroying the civilization. Let me explain something. Cambodian people sell a bottle of water for $1 close to the temples. If you try to bargain they sell the same water for $0,50. This is not cheap. This is really expensive. For a tourist, it is cheap if compared to our country but it is still very expensive for the place. I didn't see anybody asking for money in the streets, everybody was selling sell something. But one kid caught my attention. He asked me for candies. Why ? How a 5 years old knows the word for candy in English? Well, this is a normal "gift" for the 1st world kid. This simple attitude makes me upset with the tourism.