To be honest I had no great expectations about this trip to Blue Mountains

 After almost 2 weeks of the most typical English rain and Arctic temperatures, the weather in Sydney looks much better.

Early Sunday morning and one invitation to go to the Blue Mountains is accepted.

My desire to get out of my couch and breathe some fresh air made my legs move. The Blue Mountains isn't far from my house, just about 150km. The trip by car is easy and boring. By train, I think this trip is simple as well, as there is a train station in Katoomba, the closest city to Blue Mountains National Park. 

 To be honest, I had no great expectations about this trip, but the fresh air and the great landscape changed my mind. Jamison Valley, the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and Leura Cascades made my day. Amazing nature to be photographed. I enjoyed this trip very much and recommend it.