The enchantment of Annecy

 When I told my older brother about my trip to Germany, France, and Switzerland he recommended me to visit the enchantment of Annecy if I could. After spending a few hours in this magic city I also recommend you to visit the enchantment of Annecy.

Annecy is a city not so far from Geneva. When you arrive at the old town you'll feel just like inside a fairytale. The houses are at the same level of the watercourses that reflect the brightness and the colors around. The watercourses give this city an incredible atmosphere.

 Normally this should be enough to describe a regular city. Annecy is so incredible that it has even more enchantment. When walking on the edge of the Lac d'Annecy you'll have a majestic landscape. The lake of Annecy has a crystalline water that is a great fit to the magnificent blue sky above. This combination is even better with all the mountains around the lake.

Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to go to Annecy and take a few Night photos. One of my passions.