The Black Forest scenic route

 The Black Forest scenic route is a place to which everybody should go to when traveling in Germany. I have to say, on Christmas 2014 it was the first time in my life that I traveled through the Black Forest. To be more precise I had a look at the route just the night before we got into the car to go there.

I was at the most beautiful Christmas Market in the word, in Strasbourg, only one day before getting into the car to go to Freiburg. Seriously I was expecting a very boring day traveling by car. Big mistake. The night before I was looking for the best way to go to Freiburg and I found a few guys talking about the Black Forest scenic route.

 After a few minutes checking websites and the pictures, I decided that was going to be my route. The fellas talked about a waterfall in the middle of the route. I have a great passion for taking pictures of waterfalls.

The route is incredible, it is not boring at all. It should, though, have more viewpoints. I think I have not committed any crime when I decided to stop a few times on the road to take pictures. It was the 31st December. I traveled only a short distance through this nice forest but I really recommend taking the Black Forest scenic route.