Thailand is a playground for Australians

 Thailand is an incredible place. Almost everything is from very good to flawless. Weather is a big consideration when we look for a beach holiday. My trip was very brief, just about 5 days, but I can't complain about the weather. Even when it is very hot during the rainy season you still have fun every day. But Thailand is a playground for Australians?

One of my observations from this trip was that Thailand is a playground for Australians. You may ask why I'm making this observation? Well, I had this experience before visiting Mayorca, Spain. And Majorca is a playground for Germans. When a place like this becomes the playground of another country, the prices are inflated and the country loses its uniqueness and takes on the identity of another country. Like in my lovely Portugal. In Algarve (south of Portugal), the waiters invite you to their restaurants in English,no matter who you are, because there are so many tourists around.

I'm trying to not talk about the landscape, because I think everybody knows how beautiful Thailand is. People are very humble. They all live in this amazing country and work for very wealthy people, also, known as tourists. I believe this makes life easier. Almost every product is at an inflated price. I bargained many times. Of course you have to be reasonable. Sometimes 50% off was a good bargain, but more than that can make the sales people upset.

 Thinking about all the meals I had there, the first thing that came to my head was, "Fresh". From nice hotel restaurants to chilling street food. Some of the bills were expensive for Thai people but ok or cheap for an Australian. It was clear that some places are just not for the poor local people.

In my objective to visit lots of places in the world, I would like to go back to Thailand at least a few more times. A place with 15 major island and many other small islands, deserves to be visited many times.