Sunset of Opera House and Harbor Bridge

I have been again to take some pictures of Sunset of Opera House and Harbor Bridge. This is a really nice place to see the sunset. The Mrs. Macquarie's Chair is a really good spot to Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

I can't say the sunset or sunrise they created my passion for photography. But they have a lot of influence in this sentiment. Take pictures in this two moments shows much more about myself. I like to have some plans, and it is necessary to be in spot a little early.

For definition, the sunset takes only two minutes. This is a little short time. Of course, I took pictures for a much more long time. But it isn't an eternity time. I consider it a short period of time and the changes came really fast. Needs a quick reaction to, and I'm a person with quick reaction.

 To end these thoughts, the sunset or sunrise isn't never equal. The color, the cloud, everything to compose this pictures will never be back again. I like this variation as well.
When I moved to Sydney I haven't idea about this so beautiful spot to take pictures of Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. I believe I will never get tired to take pictures of this monuments.