Stockholm many cities in one

 This was my first time in Stockholm. I had never thought about visiting this city before but after this trip, Stockholm is one of my favorites cities. In just 7 days there I saw many cities in one. I experienced sun, snow and a lot of rainfall.

I was missing a European city and going to Stockholm was very helpful. I saw a lot of cultures, buildings that were 1000 years-old and of course many beautiful landscapes. The city works very well, it looks like a theater's play or a Swiss clock. People there drink a lot :), but better than that people are friendly and talkative.

 For a Brazilian guy, who used to live in Sydney, the best part of this trip was the snow. For the Elves ( I gave this nickname to my Swedish friends) the weather there is a little boring and unnecessary but I really liked to walk on the streets kicking snowballs and everything else, I looked like a 12 years old.