Singapore is a complex, secure and very very organised city

 Singapore is a complex, secure and very very organized city. The same as Japan, Singapore is very complex to describe. The respect for the other is amazing. It doesn't matter your religion, sex, skin tone or anything else. You are respected. Different religions are right near each other, and respect exists. The respect is in the air. It is so natural for them.

The city is very modern. Also the modern and the traditional are respectful to one another. The great architecture of the old buildings is respected by the new, Giants and moderns buildings. It is truly incredible and creates a beautiful complex scenario.

 To me, the city invites shopping too much. I don't travel to go shopping. Just, of course, my souvenirs. The purpose of my trips is knowledge, photography, culture, new food, but not shopping. I felt that my cultural options in Singapore ended very quickly but it was great for night photography and the food! WOW, the food was, let's just say spicy. Singapore was a good pit stop when coming back from a 45 days trip.