Petra the real Treasure of this amazing engraved city

Here I will finish this epic journey. For many years a had the dream to visit Petra. I can't say precisely when I started to think about this trip. I'm either not sure if was references from Indiana Jones or just the curiosity to travel around the world. 2016 was the great year to discovery Petra the real Treasure of this amazing engraved city. This trip involved a lot of preparation, I can't complain and I do it again if I can. 

This journey started with Egypt, I can't imagine a better place to start a journey like that. This journey was an endless surprise trip. After Egypt, I move forward to Jordan. I liked so much Jordan than I wrote a post just to talk about it. 

Petra was fantastic. In my records, I walked 16km on that day. I waked up early to drive to Petra, Petra isn't close to Amman. About XXkm. Arriving in Petra the tour guide got me and we started to walk. I don't think many people talk about the city of Petra. The most information I found was just about the Treasure, the main and very well preserved monument. But Petra is amazing not just because of the Treasure. All those temples and houses engraved on the rock are incredible. I asked my guide why they engraved the rock to build houses? He said that is relatively easy. Could be easier engraved in those rocks when compared with harder rocks but, still rocks. This is not something I understand as an easy job. 

 Some key points of The guide probable will finish the tour before the monastery. Walk to the monastery is a requirement  on this trip. My recommendation is don't skip it. It is a second best-preserved facet of the all site. I am a moderate walk, with some steps and up hills, but you can do it.. Don't be afraid, in front of the Monastery there is a bar. When I started my walk I have no idea If I will found some water or juice. 

What I missed? Well, I always try to be positive and understand we can't visit all the places on one site. But I missed the view from the topos Treasure. One day isn't enough to walk to Monastery and back to see the top of the Treasure. I did the walk to Monastery, by recommendation of my guide, and I'm very happy with this decision. I don't think this was a mistake but see the Treasure from the top I think will be a nice view. Also, I wasn't able to see the sunset on Petra. Apparently is a nice experience. Probably because I missed this experience I'm planing back to Petra. Not soon but, I have more to discovery but one day.