New Zealand amazing country


My year closed in New Zealand. It's a small, singular and an amazing country. This country is split in two islands with a total of 268.000 km2. The capital is Wellington but Auckland with 1.4m people is the largest city. In total the country has 4.4m people. New Zealand is home of 60 million of sheep. It is incredible when you drive between the cities you are able to see lots of sheep. Another "important" data in NZ is the number of Fast Food restaurants. In any small city I found at least 3 restaurants. I found the population a little fatter than normal.

The country has been working to develop and increase the knowledge on Maori culture. I appreciated very much knowing about the local culture.


My journey started in Auckland. I drove south passing through many cities until I reached Wellington. From there I flew to Christchurch and I continued my journey to Queenstown. The landscape changes very fast in NZ. It was incredible. The country doesn't have big cities. Most of the cities I was able to know in one day but to see the Nature of this country you need to spend I little more time traveling to places.

I really recommend a journey there. I wish to go back, probably in the winter to see more snow.