Japan a traditional and modern country

 I have only been to Japan once, but in the middle of my trip, I was already thinking when I’ll be back. I’m a martial arts enthusiast and Japan was a mark to my knowledge. I’m a man of good manners but I felt a Neanderthal in Japan.

Some good manners of Japanese people aren’t really necessary like to say thank you for your thank you to me. It’s part of the core of education in Japan. In Japan, it is bad manners to check the change after buying something. Well, every single person in Japan double checked before they gave me change not taking into consideration the amount. The waiters did a double check on the credit card values. It’s amazing. Japan is still living with good manners of the 18th century.

Before my trip, I thought Japan was a capital of technology. Now I know Japan is a capital of education. At this moment I’m in a Shinkansen, a train of 16 cars. The crew bow on every time they enter or exit every car. I believe Japanese people discovered how to make fewer things during the day but everything they do they do better.

Another curiosity about this culture is the number of Buddhist Temples, Shinto shrines, Pagodas, and Mausoleums with more the 1,000 (thousand) years in perfect condition. In some of the Temples, their last restoration was in 1640. I’m also impressed with the Japanese gardens. They are so clean and organized, it doesn’t matter the size of the garden. I believe these gardens have gnomes to help the old women that usually clean everything.

Here are some of my pictures of the first part of my trip.