Is Paris the light city?

 Another day I was remembering a few of my trips. I was also trying to remember which was the city I have been more times too. I was thinking and the city I have been more times to was Barcelona. Well, I checked my traveling log and I was wrong. I had been to Paris more times than any other city.

But is Paris the City of Light? Well, I'm not a specialist of Paris or any tourist guide, but I had been enough times to Paris to be confident to know my away around the city. Answering the question. To me, Paris is the City of Light. It doesn't mean the city is just for visiting at night time. Paris is amazing in all weather conditions and during the four seasons of the year.

 After the sunset or before the sunrise photographers appear like swallows in the Summer. There are so many of them. It doesn't matter very much where you are in Paris at night, it is going to be beautiful. If you are far from the old town, probably you have a great view of the city and all the lights. On the other hand, if you are in the old town you will have many spots to look for that perfect photo.

A few recommendations to take good pictures in Paris. Save some energy to walk in the evening, forget a little bit about the superb underground. Paris is relatively safe to walk on the streets in the evening. Bring your tripod, if you are in the City of Light prepare yourself to take long exposure pictures. Be creative and good luck.