Iceland: a trip TO freeze ideas

 After a while, without posting anything on the website I went on the most incredible trip. I went to Iceland. A trip to freezing ideas. Even before I had lived in Europe I have been planning a trip to Iceland. I don't remember why it didn't happen, but now this doesn't matter much because I went there.

This was not a regular Photography Lover trip. This was a business trip. It means I was a little far from being able to go to all the amazing photography spots. Regularly I would have taken a lot more pictures.

 About Iceland: it is an island with a population of 325,671 people. From those, 120,000 live in the capital Reykjavík. I was expecting it to be a little colder. The Average low is 1.9°C but during this trip I experienced -9°C. In December the sunset and sunrise have an interval of 4 hours between them. Incredibly most of the stores are still opened at 22h. 97% of the all the heating in Iceland comes from thermal geological sources. It is incredible, the price of the electricity is incredibly low as well. I don't know about salaries, but it felt like the prices of things were a little more expensive.

Iceland is an incredible place. Because of my lack of knowledge I was expecting a hardcore trip. Something like the Survivor TV show or Iceland: a trip TO freeze ideas. I was completely wrong, the country is fully prepared for tourism. Iceland is very well prepared to deal with all weather conditions. A truly amazing place to visit!