I had really high expectations about my trip to Seal Rocks.

 I had really hight expectations about my trip to Seal Rocks. In the last two weeks, I had a chat with some people from Oz and all of them told me the same thing about Seal Rocks: "You will love that place".

Without any surprise, I loved Seal Rocks. This trip started about two weeks ago when a couple of friends of mine invited me to go camping at this beach called Seal Rocks. For who was a scout for 7 years to go camping is something very enjoyable. Once a scout always a scout.

 It was a shame to go camping and bring just my sleeping bag and food. My friends provided me with everything I needed. Not just the camping material but a beautiful place, great chats and lots and lots of moments of laughing and a couple times of "I doubt it".

Seal Rocks is about 280km north of Sydney. On the coast of course. A unmissable place to have fun with friends or with your Love.

Beautiful sunset and spectacular beaches.

To my friends who invited me for this trip I have to say Thank you, and I would like to repeat it many many times.