I am falling in love with San Francisco and the Bay area

 I started to travel on my own in 2001 when I moved from my parent's house in Porto Alegre, South of Brazil, to live by myself in Cascais. A small fishing village near Lisbon, in Portugal. I started traveling around Europe looking for the places that were on top of my traveling list. Recently I was able to extend my traveling to Asia and Oceania. I try to keep the decision of places that I want to visit based on preference but also on how easy it is to travel there. Telling you that, I can say that the USA was never on top of my list. But I have to confess I am in love with San Francisco and the Bay area after I came back from there.

I loved the outcome of my pictures in San Francisco. To be precise, I loved the astonishing Golden Gate Bridge. That Bridge is incredible and the city around it makes it even more magical. When I arrived in San Fran and started to get information with the locals on where to go and what to do. I was told about a nice tour across the bridge. They told me I should get a bike and ride across the bridge and come back by ferry. I could do it all by myself, no tour guide required.

 But, how can you fall in love with San Francisco? Everything starts by getting a bicycle in one of the many places by the water. Open the map and start riding to the Bridge. On the journey visit the many piers and shops. The incredible bridge will always be part of the scenery. You will be able to see it from far far away and it will be the background of most of your pictures. When you start getting closer to the Bridge you start feeling really small. The cars look small as well. It is an incredible feeling of small and safe at the same time.

Cross the Bridge and go to the top of the hill to see the Bridge. From the other side and just after that go down the hill to this small and very charming village called Sausalito. From there you can get the ferry to go back to San Francisco. If you are lucky and I was, you will see the sunset behind the bridge.

To finalize my declaration of love for San Francisco: the city is big, huge for someone who has had his first contact with an American city, but it is very well organized and also very charming. I really recommend visiting this city and don't forget to try the cycling tour.