How to visit the expensive Oslo

 In the list of the top 5 cities most expensive cities in the world, the "Expensive Oslo" is in 4th place:

- New York.
- Zurich.
- Geneva.
- Oslo.
- London.

I have been to 4 of then. I have never been to New York though. The last time I visited London was in 2010. Recently I have been to Zurich and Geneva when I was traveling around The Black Forest. I know these cities are very very economical stable. Probably the prices were fixed a long time ago. I can't remember feeling like a poor guy when I visited Zurich and Geneva. But I felt poor in the "Expensive Oslo".

I traveled from Sydney to Stockholm. Where I was based before to traveling to Expensive Oslo. Two expensive cities as well. When I enunciated to my friends in Stockholm my intention of going to Expensive Oslo surprisingly. I was warned about the high prices in Oslo. I didn't give much attention to it. I was expecting something like 5% and 10% more expensive than Stockholm. My mistake.

 If you have plans to go to Oslo and you think you know how expensive it can be, think twice. I can give to you an idea of how expensive is it. In my hotel, I asked about a place to eat a Norwegian dish. The receptionist came back with 2 or 3 places. When I asked her why so few places, she told me because it's so expensive that no one who goes there is looking to try Norwegian food. Where I come from the traditional dish is the cheapest dish in the city. This is quite normal in Brazil. Because fo it to be a traditional dish, it should be eaten by most of the population. It means it uses a cheap ingredient or it's a dish that's been eaten for many many years.

How to visit the expensive Oslo?

Well, this question has no simple answer. Pack your stuff and try to be prepared for an expensive scenario. Oslo is not too different from other Scandinavian cities. It's Safe, very organized and expensive. Try not do think too much about it. 1 1/2 day is enough to visit and that's isn't enough to make you poor. Enjoy the city because that city is unique. I'm looking forward to visiting the countryside of Norway. Possible a little less expensive.