How safe is Egypt? Is it OK to travel to Egypt?

 It was like a dream came true. I was finally visiting the pyramids and I fell down the stairs when I was inside the Great Pyramid. That was actually the scariest part of my trip to Egypt. Before writing about this experience I would like to write about another thing: How safe is Egypt? Before getting on the airplane I checked the violence index of Egypt. It is low, much lower than what I was expecting. I think it is because they take a lot of precautions everywhere. Don't get scared if you see machine guns because they are in the hands of military and police mans. No one tried to rob me during my trip.

The sad part is that tourism dropped a lot after the Facebook revolution in 2011. My guide told me the number of tourists in Egypt right now is about 20% of what it was before the revolution. This makes street sellers work much harder to try to sell you something because there are not as many people visiting Egypt as there used to be. But they are selling nice things and they live from tourism, so it's important you understand that before you get annoyed at them. It also means they offer you their stuff a thousand times when you are walking in front of their shops. If you are ok with this behavior, you will be fine. Sometimes they will just ask you just to get into their store, so don't worry.

Egypt is truly an incredible country. Not just because they have many monuments and temples. Not just because they have megalithic and ancient structures. The population is friendly, not as friendly as in Cambodia, but they are really friendly. It is annoying when two or more Egyptians start talking to you in English and change it to Arabic to talk with each other, but that's just the way they are. In my opinion, this is a bad behavior in any country or language. I'm not a native speaker in the country I'm living in at the moment and I try to avoid speaking in my language in front of locals. Egyptians have a lot of passion for helping others and they love to talk about Egypt. It's funny how people in other countries lose these good feelings about their nation, but in Egypt, they are very proud of their culture and history.

All the sites I visited were breathtaking. Thousands and thousands of years of civilizations, discoveries, and so much technology have come from there that it is sad they are not around anymore. The pyramids are remarkable and I felt humble when I went inside them. How could such a magnificent structure be used just as a burial chamber? For sure they must have used it to worship their gods or for other reasons. That's what's fascinating about Egypt, we are still not 100% sure about anything.

Just going back to the safety. __How safe is Egypt? It is safe__, a percentage of victims of terror attacks is much smaller than the percentage of victims who die in car accidents in other countries. Almost in all hotels, monuments or temples, they have X-Ray machines and metal detectors. At all the places I've been to, they had the Army or private security guards securing the surroundings with big machines guns. This gave me the feeling of security but at the same time a little scared. Why so much security? I just don't like to walk in any place where there are a lot of guns. At the same time, I don't think terrorists like it as well.

My final recommendation about is: __How safe is Egypt? It is safe__, go and visit it. Go there have fun and learn about all that ancient and fascinating history. The government is working to preserve the monuments and even today there are many monuments to explore and many still to be discovered. Go to Egypt now and avoid the lines in the future! Because I'm sure tourists will come back very soon!