Dublin from my eyes, back in time to September 2011

 This week I went back to pictures of September 2011. I called that portfolio 'Dublin from my Eyes'. One of my best friends, who I lived with for a month in 2011 in Dublin, asked me for a picture to compose their new house wall. This friend is living in Brazil now but lived for a few years in this beautiful country called Ireland.

Back to September of 2011, I was in between projects. With time for a big holiday, I changed Portugal for Ireland. My friend offered me his house to do a test drive in the Green Land. I spent most of my time in Dublin studying, walking around the city, taking pictures and of course drinking a few pints. These are most of the things you can do there.

 I loved this city so much. I actually considered moving there. For some reason of destiny, I ended up not going. I didn't move there and one year later my friend moved back to Brazil.

It is not hard to describe this city. The people are a friendly and very polite. The city has the most British education but complaints about the Queen. All services work but are very expensive, especially for someone who doesn't have an Irish salary. Differently, from Portugal, you actually have a life after work hours. The quality of life is incredible. The social inequality is really low. One of the most important things I learned from the British lifestyle is: Rain is not a problem.