Do I need to visit China or not? Should I spend my time visiting it?

 Forget all pre-definitions or prejudice against the Chinese people. My blog is based on information acquired during my travels because I don't believe in pre-judgment.

I have been traveling around the world discovering and gaining knowledge on different cultures and customs. My desire to visit China came after my amazing trip to Japan(Let’s do it in Japan, Japan a traditional and modern country and How can I describe Tokyo before I go back there ?), to where I will be back for sure. First of all Japan and China share the same origin but they have completely different cultures.

I got really surprised when I arrived in Hong Kong. That is a huge city but it is very small compared to cities like Beijing or Shangai. I felt all the cities I have been to in China are very organized, but the behavior of the people is different in each one of them. I understand their behavior, it doesn't mean I agree with it. As a result, I felt confused there.

People will go with you if you move a little slower to get on the train or the subway. I felt this is disrespectful with a tourist, but if they do not move fast they will lose a lot of time. As a tourist, I wait for the people inside of the train to get off so I can get in. Chinese people don't do that. To me, the explanation for this lies in the size of the cities and the huge amount of people living in the same city.

Should I spend my time visiting China? Yes, you should. But everything in China takes a while to visit. It happens because everything is far and you have to travel a lot. An advice: try to use as much as you can the trains. Avoid getting a cab or hiring a car. Traffic is chaotic. When trying to get to the places to visit, there are no surprises. Expect a huge amount of people there. Not a surprise again, they are very organized. In general most of the queues move fast, but a big number of people makes a queue huge, and it takes a while and it seems like everyone is going to the same place that you are.

As a photographer, I like nice weather. It does not mean I need sunny days. I like the beautiful scenes. Chinese cities didn't have much of that. The eternal fog made me angry. I disliked most of my pictures. To understand how strong the fog is there I had to check the weather app to know if there would be sunny days or not. Consequently, you cannot see blues skies very often. Pollution is a big problem there.

Do I need to visit China or not? Definitely, you need to. I liked my trip. I learned a lot about the culture. China is an amazing place with a lot of history and symbolism. History came from all directions. I really recommend a guide and trying to learn all aspects of the Chinese culture. If you can, try to visit China, there is no place in the world that does not deserve a visit, a picture or a dinner at a street restaurant.