Amman was not on my bucket list but Petra was

 My trip to Jordan was included in my trip to Egypt. At first, Amman was not on my bucket list but Petra was. I didn't do my homework about Amman. I was so excited to go to Egypt and Petra that I forgot to do any research about this trip. This was my main lesson from this trip: every single city matters, and a lot.

I think I was able to cover almost all the main attractions of Amman. Amman is a stable city and Jordan is years ahead of Egypt in terms of development. Amman is kind of ahead of its time, but not that much ahead of Egypt. The city is rich but still, it has a lot of really old cars circulating and these are not collectibles. The way people dress up is a little old style as well.

 My first shock was at the airport where I exchanged US$100 for JOD 82 (Jordan Dinar). I was not expecting it at all. There are not many countries with a more powerful currency than US$. But this doesn't mean the country is expensive. What I found during my trip was that the prices are very reasonable. For a traditional meal in a street restaurant, I paid US$8 for enough food for 2 orcs. A traditional meal is vegetarian but very well done. It included hummus, pita bread, tomato and falafel.

Jordan has something of an old-style country. Nothing compared to Egypt of course, but something ancient. I can't say the city smells like chamomile but it is clean and nice. Right now I can only think about going back to Jordan to visit Petra again. Next time I go here, I would like to sleep under the stars as I did in Uluru.

Like I said before Amman was not on my bucket list but Petra was. Should I visit Amman? Well, if are you planning to go to Petra. Amman will be a nice stopover.