Black & White

Black and White Photography is something new to me. I spent many hours trying to understand the concept of Black & White Photography. When you have a CMOS (digital camera sensor) that was created to capture an infinite number of colours. When you simply try to change these many colours into just a small gamma of Black and White you are going back to the past. You will need to understand what happens to the picture.

To take a Black and White Photograph you have to understand or try to imagine what will happen with the photo before the changes. Which colours will be black and which will be white. Also, it is very important to think about the shadows. The shadows will make a lot of difference in your Black and White Photography. When you are able the understand this concept you are able to take Black and White photos.


Sometime ago I use to go out just to take black and white pictures.

- [Dublin from my eyes, back in time to September 2011](
- [I woke up today with a proposal to go to Bondi to see The Festival of the Winds](

I like this type of challenge. This takes me off my comfort zone. Another challenge I like as well is to go out and take just one lens (not a zoom lens) just to make it more fun.